Our executives here at US Signs and Letters are a family first team. Made up of two generations of the Cooper family that started and continue to run the business today.

US Signs and Letters Founder Sidney P. Cooper

Sidney P. Cooper 


Mr. Cooper was born  in St Louis, Missouri on 12/14/1940.  Throughout his life, he's suffered tragedies such as the loss of his father when he was only 9 years old.  To losing his eldest daughter in a tragic car accident in 1987.  In spite of difficult times, he has been able to remain resilient.  He lost his family Deli in 1969 due to a fire, but after that, he opened a children's shoe store in a regional mall which became the largest volume children's shoe store in the Midwest.  Concurrently with the store, he went on to open four, 60 Minute photo shops which were hugely successful.  After the loss of his daughter, he sold his businesses and moved to Florida.  In May 1994 he purchased the start-up business called US Signs, a 3000 sq. ft shop with 3 employees.  In addition to being the Founder of US Signs and Letters, Sidney is a grandfather of 7 grandchildren.  He lives in Odessa, FL with wife Susie, "the love of my life" with whom he has raised 3 children.

US Signs and Letters President Josh L. Cooper

Josh L. Cooper 


Josh is the President of the company whose business philosophy is, "We like to build personal relationships with our customer to understand their personal preferences and come up with a unique solution to best meet their needs."  Josh started at the company in the mid 90s and used it as an opportunity to forge a closer bond with his father while putting into practice the business concepts that he was learning in college.  He graduated from the University of Montana where he received his BA in business in 2000 and in 2001, he became the President of US Signs and Letters. In 2003, he met his future wife and in 2006 - they were married.  After a slow start with their family, they now are the proud parents of four children: Samantha, Marigold, Ivy, and Izrael Cooper.  In his free time, Josh loves the outdoors.  He's an avid knife collector, reader and collector of books.

US Signs and Letters Executive Emily E. Lazarou

Emily E. Lazarou 


Emily is the wife of the President, Joshua Cooper.  Emily is a physician and when she decided to start to work from home, she wanted to get more involved with the family business.  Emily started at US Signs and Letters in 2013 and helps Josh in any capacity that she is needed.  From enhancing communication with our customers, to creating a more pleasant work space - Emily (who is a Psychiatrist by training) knows that building relationships enhances productivity by promoting teamwork.  Emily also teaches at the company on best practices such as work safety and quality.  Since Emily started at US Signs and Letters, she and Joshua have had 4 children - 2 sets of twins.  The first set of twins, Sami and Mari, were born in November 2014.  The second set of boy girl twins, Izzy and Ivy, were born in December 2017.

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