Front & Back Lit Channel Letters

Channel letter signs presently are the top choice for commercial signage.

Illuminated from both front and back, these channel letter signs create professional and eye catching signage for your clients. Highly versatile, front & back lit channel letters can add color by simply adding translucent vinyl to the face or changing the LED's.

Front & Back Lit Channel Letters - they are a combination of regular and reverse channel letters. This product glows through the front and give a halo effect on the back. These letters may be illuminated with one or two colors to give the desired effect. Just as with standard reverse channel letters, front/back lit letters have a clear polycarbonate back to prevent animals from nesting inside the letter.

Front and Back Lit Letters

Our standard channel letter is made using 0.063 alum backs with 0.050-0.063 alum returns mig welded to them. We use 3/16 acrylic faces and 1 inch trimcap.

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Front and Back Lit Channel Letters

The seams in the letters are caulked. These letters are illuminated with LEDs

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Front and Back Lit Channel

Channel letters are custom-made metal or plastic letters commonly used in exterior signage on public and commercial buildings, and often internally illuminated.

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Electrical Equipment

We supply all electrical components, necessary for installation, with all UL Listed channel letters. We do not, however, supply what is needed for final connection to the electrical supply

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Custom Finishes

Have a custom finish that you desire, that isn't cookie cutter? We can do that also. It's one of the benefits you get from working with our company. We can match or try to create a finish that you are looking for whether it's leathered, weathered, antique, brushed metal, etc. We have done it and will work with you to get something that you have been considering, but didn't think possible.

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