Recycled Sign Art - Nothing is Wasted

When you order a sign from US Signs and Letters, know that the by-products and waste are managed responsibly. All the aluminum scrap, acrylic, and poly-carbonate is recycled. Not only do we send these items to places where they are recycled, we also use scraps to create art thereby making the world a more beautiful place.

Enjoy some samples of our recycled sign art below.

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Recycled Sign Creations

Sign cabinet with saying made with all scrap metal and materials.

Recycled Sign Creations

Painting with scrap neon tubing embellishments.

Recycled Sign Creations

Painting with scrap neon and aluminum shaving embellishments.

Recycled Sign Creations

Another painting with scrap Neon embellishments.

Recycled Sign Creations

Functional object art made with scrap flat cut and channel letters.

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