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After retiring in 1987, Founder, Sidney Cooper spent 6 years as a real estate investor, but became restless. He knew he needed a small business to keep him busy while at the same time, allowing an opportunity to work with his son, Josh. He found a startup wholesale sign company and bought it in 1992. US Signs and Letters started with 3 employees working in a 3000 sq.ft. shop. As the business grew, Josh worked summers while getting his college degree and upon completion, he joined Sidney full time. Josh completed the picture - it was the perfect fit!

Josh became President of US Signs and Letters in 2000. Since that time, we've grown to 60 employees and over 30,000 sq.ft. of production facility with the latest equipment available. This allows us to produce the best quality products in the industry.

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What sets US Signs and Letters apart from other wholesale companies, is when you communicate with us, you will never speak to anyone other than owners of the company. Josh and Sidney respond to any concerns or problems and come up with customized, practical solutions.

Our only desire is to make sure you and your customer’s project is of the highest quality with on-time delivery and to your complete satisfaction.

After 25 years of sales Wholesale only to the trade, we continue to appreciate the trust our customers place in us. Those relationships have helped us to build this company on a solid foundation which is sustainable for the long haul.

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