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Sign Types and Options

Channel Letters

Our standard channel letter is made using 0.063 alum backs with 0.050-0.063 alum returns mig welded to them. We use 3/16 acrylic faces and 1 inch trimcap. The seams in the letters are caulked. These letters are illuminated with LEDs.

Channel Letter Signs

Front Lit Channel Letters

These are the most common type of channel letter also sometimes called "standard"channel letters. As the name implies, these signs emit illumination only from the front [face] of the letters. They can be used in both shopping malls and outdoor plazas. These can be either raceway or flush mounted. We can produce this letter type in many different font and color combinations.

Front Lit Channel Letter Signs

Reverse Lit Channel Letters

Our reverse or halo lit channel letters are fabricated with .125 alum faces mig welded to 0.063 returns with or without 3/16th polycarbonate backs.These can come with rivnuts, studs and spacers. The seams in the letters are caulked. These letters are illuminated with LEDs.

Reverse Lit Channel Letter Signs

Non Illuminated Channel Letters

Our same high quality custom made letters manufactured without illumination.

Non Illuminated Channel Letter Signs

Front & Back Lit Channel Letters

They are a combination of regular and reverse channel letters. This product glows through the front and give a halo effect on the back. These letters may be illuminated with one or two colors to give the desired effect. Just as with standard reverse channel letters, front/back lit letters have a clear polycarbonate back to prevent animals from nesting inside the letter.

Front & Back Lit Signs

Prefinished Channel Letters

We also offer a prefinished channel letter that is a more economical alternative. These are make with 0.050 prefinished white backs and 0.040 prefinished returns (standard colors), 3/16 faces and 1 inch trimcap. The returns are run off on our Accubend machines and fastened to the backs using our Letter Lok® stamping machine. The seams in the letters are caulked. These letters are illuminated with LEDs.

Prefinished Channel Letter Signs

Open Face Channel Letters

Our open face letters have 0.063 backs mig welded to 0.063 returns with a clean finish inside and no face. The seams in the letters are caulked. These letters are illuminated with LEDs.

Open Face Channel Letter Signs

Custom & Standard Sign Cabinets

We build standard sign cabinets using alum extrusion and high output lamps.

Sign Cabinets

Standard Cut Letters

We offer flat cut and dimensional letters using pvc, acrylic, and aluminum, painted or unpainted, tapped or untapped with or without studs and spacer.

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Our President Inspects All Work

JOSH IS ALWAYS THERE, PRESENT AND WORKING HARD TO MAKE YOUR SIGN RIGHT. Managing each detail of a sign's creation in house, Josh Cooper isn't a President by title only - he remains hands on. Josh does his best to do the job right. The boxes sent for shipment are personally inspected, the contents photographed and emails and plans archived. This ensures quality and also ensures that the customer gets what they ordered. Josh and Sidney believe in quality first. They will stay until it is done right.

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Why Us? Quality Is Our Motivation!

WHAT'S DIFFERENT ABOUT US? QUALITY, ATTENTION TO DETAIL, CUSTOMIZATION, PERSONAL ATTENTION. At US Signs and Letters, we know how to make a quality product. We do that by keeping it simple. We do everything in house. The Founder and President are on site to answer questions and to assist our craftspeople make our customer's requests a reality. We ensure absolute quality control for the customer with a streamlined timeline, less paperwork, and more personal attention. By doing it this way, you get a creative signage solution delivered with the best service and we get a customer for life.

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